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Katmint™ Turkish Blend Catnip x Kedi Film

Koop™ Brand

For this product, Katmint™ teamed up with our friends at Oscilloscope Labs in honor of their new film "Kedi" which debuts in select theaters on Friday February 10th, 2017!

This Limited Edition Turkish Blend is blended with slight amounts of Turkish Licorice Root which has medicinal properties and can help alleviate indigestion and can help with dry skin. Each pack comes with .2oz of the Turkish Blend of Catnip and Licorice Root.

Kedi Film is a beautifully crafted documentary film that follows the lives of street cats living in Istanbul, Turkey. These cats are neither wild, nor tame, but instead live with the people of the city and create lasting relationships with the humans and animals.

Available while supplies last. For more information about the Kedi Film, to view the trailer and for a list of theatre and locations near you please click here.

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