Limited Edition Catstradamus Blend

Koop™ Brand

Introducing Catstradamus' Lion's Tooth Blend. This Limited Edition product blends our famous, USA grown Leaf & Flake Catnip with organic dandelion root (AKA lion's tooth). Dandelion root is not only a delicious addition to our catnip, but also has many health benefits for cats. Dandelion root promotes healthy liver and gallbladder function and also naturally relieves stomach aches and constipation.

We worked in cooperation with Samson (@Catstradamus) himself to make sure this blend will deliver maximum delight for your furry friend, even if they aren't one of the largest domestic cats in the world! ;) Only 500 total units were produced, so make sure to get yours before they're all gone!

  • Organically Grown Ingredients
  • Catnip Blended with Dandelion Root
  • Naturally Relieves Stomach Aches & Constipation
  • Roughly 90 Servings Per Jar - 1.5oz
  • Limited Edition Collaboration Blend

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