Feline Wellness... Reimagined.


The Katmint Team at CatCon 2017

About Katmint
At Katmint Feline Wellness, we're dedicated to providing premium quality products designed to help cats and their humans live happier, healthier lives together. To us, that means using only natural ingredients, responsibly sourced from high quality growers and packaging them by hand to ensure the very best quality in every jar or pouch. 

"We believe that every cat owner has the responsibility to create the best life possible for their fluffy companions. We are striving to make it as simple and fun as possible to take wonderful care of our animals. We are so proud to create healthy, natural products that cats and humans both love to use!" 

Founded in 2016 by 3 long time friends and cat lovers, Katmint is quickly becoming a force in the feline wellness industry by focusing on natural, health conscious products that truly make cat's lives better. By taking a unique angle to not only physical, but also mental health of cats, Katmint is striving to change the way cat owners look at wellness as a whole.


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