Reimagining Feline Wellness


Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other organization for standardized quality control. We source our products from trustworthy and high quality farming and production companies and package the products in a clean environment. We quality control check our products by hand to ensure no contamination and seal our products airtight before shipping or distributing to retain freshness and quality.

Claims we make about the exact effects of our Katmint™ Wellness products are backed by independent research and our customer's experiences, but have not been evaluated by any organizations as 100% fact. Our wellness products are designed to simply offer an all-natural away to keep your cat healthy and happy. Though, we will not accept any responsibility if the exact affect described is not felt by your specific animal. 

We also strongly suggest that you consult a veterinary professional before giving you cat any supplement whether from Koop Brand or from any other feline wellness, feline food, feline toy or feline vitamin brand. Each animal is different and even though our products are well produced and safe for nearly every single cat, we suggest you consult a professional vet before use, to be 100% certain.

By purchasing products made by Koop Brand or from, you acknowledge this disclaimer and accept them these terms.