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Katmint™ Catnip Bubbles

Koop™ Brand

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Made with a non-toxic solution and infused with USA made catnip oil, these bubbles offer the purrfect combination of exercise and catnip fueled fun! Watch your kitty chase these bubbles all over the house or yard and every time a bubble pops, they will get a whiff of the good stuff. Designed specially for playful, energetic kitties to entice additional active play and hours of entertainment.

Simply blow these bubbles just you would with any bubble mix and watch you furbaby chase them around or watch in disbelief as they suddenly pop and disappear. Our bubble mixture will not stain your furniture and is non-toxic. With that said, make sure not to let your cat or any humans drink the liquid. Each container comes with one bubble wand included.

  • Safe, Non-Toxic & Easy to Use
  • Infused with USA Made Catnip Oil
  • Purrfect for Energetic & Playful Kitties
  • Will Not Stain Furniture
  • Fun for the Whole Family!
  • Do Not Ingest Directly & Keep Out of Eyes

Exclusively Available at KoopBrand.com

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