Katmint™ Cat Bath Wipes

Koop™ Brand

Katmint Cat Bath Wipes are the all-natural way to help keep your kitty clean! Our advanced formula contains NO harsh chemicals and works great to wipe away dirt, loose hair and allergens. Infused with natural catnip oil, these moist wipes are designed to make bath time fun for your cat while also keeping their coat healthy and soft.

To use, simply pull a wipe through the top of the container, wipe your cat from head to tail and then brush their fur as it drys. Repeat 2-3 times per week or as needed. One container has 20 wipes included, enough to last 2 months of weekly use!

  • Natural, Advanced Formula is Safe & Healthy
  • 20 Wipes per Container (2 Month Supply)
  • Easy & Fun to Use With Your Kitty
  • Wipes Away Dirt, Dander, Loose Hair & Allergens
  • Infused with Natural Catnip Oil
  • Made in USA

Note: Most cats take a couple cleanings to get used to the feeling, but once they have adapted, they love getting massaged with the all-natural, flushable towels.

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