Feline Wellness... Reimagined.

Koop™ Lint Pen

Koop™ Brand

Love your cat, but tired of always having hair all over the clothes? Our pen style lint brush is even smaller then your average ball point pen and fits perfectly into any purse, car or even your jeans pocket! Designed to be reusable time and time again, simply remove the hair from the brush and discard it after use.

Our lint pen doesn't use adhesive sheets, but rather a fabric that picks up any lint or hair with ease which makes our lint brush even longer lasting than a roller. This brush makes an awesome stocking stuffer gift for any animal lover or professional. 

Keep one in your car and one in your purse or bag to make sure no matter where you're headed, you'll be prepared and looking your best!


Note: This product was made in china, but was sourced through a USA based supplier.

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