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What are Hairballs and How to Prevent Them

January 05, 2017


We all know hairballs are disgusting, but they stem from a very hygienic practice. The reason your cat has hairballs is because when they clean (or lick) their coat, they use small hook-like structures on their tongue to comb through their thick fur. As they do this, the hooks catch onto loose and dead hair which they then swallow. Hairballs are most common for long haired cat breeds such as Maine Coons, Persians or Rag Dolls, but can happen with any breed on occasion. You may also notice that your cat didn't have hairballs as a kitten, but as they matured the hairballs became more and more frequent. This is a very normal occurrence and has to do with your cat becoming better at grooming with age.

Hairballs tend to come up the same as throw up would, but there is usually a large clump of hair that is expelled with a bit of mucus. Usually, the clump appears as more of a cylindrical shape simply due to being forced up through the small space in their esophagus. Keep an eye out for ongoing dry heaving, gagging or hacking without producing a hairball as this could be a sign that there is a blockage in your cats stomach or esophagus. A blockage like this, untreated, can lead to serious harm and even death in some cases.



There are a couple main ways to help prevent your cat from having hairballs too often, though it is natural and bound to happen on occasion.

1. Groom Them Frequently.

The first sure way to help your cat avoid hairballs is to groom them regularly. This means brushing them thoroughly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help them keep their fur feeling fresh, clean and untangled. Doing so will help your cat feel clean and prevent them from having to take their hygiene routine into their own paws as often. With that said, do not over do it as this can cause irritation to their skin which can cause more harm than good. Just make sure to give them the attention they need and help them keep their fur feeling fresh.

2. Use a Vitamin Supplement.

Though there are many products on the market to help with hairball reduction, many of them are synthesized and may not be the healthiest option for your animal. One fantastic option is the Katmint™ Hairball Relief powder from Koop Brand. This product is made from 100% organically grown, all-natural coconut fibers and includes no added sweeteners or preservatives. On top of that, this product is tested and guaranteed to be 100% glyphosate free.

Getting in a routine with this product is extremely easy as it comes as a 2 month supply in a easy open, stand up pouch. Simply sprinkle a pinch of the powder on top of your cat's food each morning. The coconut fibers are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote skin & coat health, along with healthy digestion. Plus, the powder is rich in fiber and tastes great to your kitty when used on top of their food. Using this product once per day is shown to reduce the risk hairballs for your cat which means and healthier, happier kitty and a happier you that doesn't have to clean those nasty things up anymore! 



The short answer is no. Most store bought coconut products have artificial colorings, dyes, bleaches and sweeteners which can be extremely unhealthy for your pet. The coconut product used in Katmint™ Hairball Relief is sourced directly from farms in the Philippines where they grow some of the finest quality coconut in world. Our coconut is completely unrefined and is in it's purest form, which makes it as natural and safe for your cat as possible. Plus, samples of the coconut are lab tested to ensure its purity.



Hairballs are caused by your cats natural instinct to keep their coat clean. As they lick their fur, some of the hair gets swallowed and turns into balls or clumps in their stomach. Coconut's natural composition is known to help ease that indigestion in your pet and prevent hairballs from forming. Using Katmint™ Hairball Relief each morning, along with grooming your cat regularly can dramatically reduce, if not completely stop your fur babies from having those pesky hairballs.




Recommended directions for use for our Katmint™ Hairball Relief is to simply sprinkle a single pinch of the powder on top of your cat's wet or dry food. It will be a tasty and welcome additional to their meal, though some cats do not like the powder on its own. We recommend doing this once per day, though some cats may only need it 4 or 5 days per week in order to see results. An average pinch or serving of Katmint™ Hairball Relief contains 7-9 calories. Serving size: 1 pinch. This all-natural, organic supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat or cure any disease and is not intended to replace any medication(s).

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