8 Feline Behaviors Explained

September 05, 2017

It's safe to say that most people know just how strange cats can be. It's no secret that they have some very odd, sometimes hard to understand, behaviors that can make even the most knowledgeable cat owner wonder what they're thinking! We took it upon ourselves to do the digging for you and came up with these 8 curious behaviors and why cats do them.

Cat Chattering GIF Katmint Feline Wellness Cat Behaviors Explained

1. Vocal Chattering

Maybe you have heard this while your cat is staring outside at a bird or squirrel or maybe when they can't quite get to a fly on the ceiling? Chattering is a sign of frustration and usually happens when a cat isn't getting their way or something that they desperately want. It's a completely normal noise for them to make and pretty dang cute too!


Kitten Kneading Paws Katmint Feline Wellness Cat Behaviors Explained

2. Paw Kneading 

Kneading or "making biscuits" is one of the internet's favorite feline behaviors, but do we really know why cats do it? It's actually a behavior that cats learn as a kitten because it's the motions they make on their mother's breast to stimulate the production of milk. Once a cat is full grown it becomes more a comforting act and can help a kitty cope with anxiety or simply get comfy!

Cats Running on Human legs katmint feline wellness cat behaviors explained

3. Rubbing & Headbutts

You must be pretty great if your cat is rubbing against you! That's because rubbing is a way for cats to mark their territory and if your cat is rubbing you that means they think you're pretty great. Cats also love to rub on furniture and even carpeting and is meant to mark those people or areas with their scent. It's a sign of affection and means they are proud to call you theirs!

Cats kitten litter box katmint feline wellness cat behaviors explained

4. Uncovered Poop or Pooping Outside the Box

Though cats are known for being easy animals to take care of because of their trademark independence and self reliance, pooping outside of the litter box can be a real problem. The question is why do cats do it? Experts say that leaving poop uncovered or pooping somewhere they shouldn't is a sign of anger or frustration towards their owners. It's also a way for cats to show their dominance in the household. First, try cleaning the box with fresh new litter to see if that helps and if not, consult a vet for other suggestions for your specific situation.

Cats kitten tiny meow meowing katmint feline wellness cat behaviors explained

5. Tiny Meows

This is one of my all time favorite feline behaviors and I'm sure I am not alone on that. Little meows are not only adorable, but they also are a friendly hello from your furry companion. Many times cats will do this in the morning or when you come home at night and tend to be followed by purrs and rubs. #Winning

Cats laying on stuff laptop katmint feline wellness cat behaviors explained

6. Laying On Your Things

Whether it's your laptop keyboard or your pile of black work clothes in the corner, your cat seems to know exactly where to lay down for a quick cat nap. When a cat is laying on something that you are using (like your laptop or notebook), it means they want your attention and they want it now! Unsurprisingly, this tends to happen at inconvenient times, likely when your busy finishing up some school work or a document for that big meeting tomorrow.

The thing to remember is they just want to be near you because you make them feel safe and calm. Try taking a short break to pet them and then scoot them off your computer and put them next to you instead (and don't forget to keep up the pets). Remember that you are their whole world and they just want your attention and affection.



7. Staring With Their Mouths Open

We've all seen our cats seemly zone out staring at something with their mouths slightly opened and nostrils flaring. No they haven't been possessed by demons, instead they are trying to heighten their sense of smell by activating the receptors on the roof of their mouth. This happens while they try to decipher a more complex smell than usual and is a true wonder of evolution!



8. Twitching Ears

This is another sign of frustration or anger and means they are anxious about something. This behavior means give me space and will likely be followed by additional aggressive behaviors like hissing, growling or running away.



Although cats are very mysterious, many of their behaviors are just them trying to communicate with you. Do your best to respond appropriately and watch them love you even more! Oh and if you see them doing funny things, make sure to get that on video and send it our way, we would love to see! :)


Have a behavior that wasn't mentioned in this article? Post a comment and we will do our best to find out more for you!

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