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6 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

April 11, 2017 1 Comment

Cats are notoriously difficult to read. One minute they won't leave you alone and the next you're trying to get them to cuddle and they couldn't care less. If you're like me, you've probably wondered "Do you even like me or do you just put up with me in exchange for food?". After some serious research in the feline psychology, here are 6 airtight ways to know that your cat loves you.


1. Giving You The Belly

Rolling over for a belly rub is the most sincere gesture of trust that a cat can give. Since their stomachs are their most vulnerable area on their bodies, when they offer you a chance to scratch it, that shows just how comfortable they are with you. That said, be careful with the intensity of the belly rub you deliver as those rabbit kicking back feet could be engaged at any moment. After all, they don't want you knowing just how much they love you. ;)



2. Deep Winks

Deep winks or slow blinks is a sure sign that your kitty is very fond of you. Deep winks is when your cat calmly and slowing closes and then opens their eyes while looking at you. It's basically your cat's only way of saying "I Love You, Hooman". What it means is that they are comfortable enough around you to let their guard down and is pretty much the holy grail of kitty love. The funny thing is that, many times, cats respond to humans giving them deep winks too and it can be a great way to introduce yourself to a new furry friend or to help calm down your kitty in a stressful situation.



3. Following You Around the House

Have you ever tripped over your cat because no matter where you are, they're right there under your feet? Yeah, that probably means your cat thinks you're pretty darn cool. Most cat owners probably haven't used the bathroom alone in years and, although annoying at times, following your every move is your cats way of telling you they feel safe when you're around them. If your cat is particularly happy to follow you around, experiment bringing them with you out of the house, to work, on walks, ect. This can be a great way to bond ever deeper with your feline companion and is sure to be quite the adventure for them. Just make sure to take proper precautions to not put fluffy in harms way while outside.


4. Staring At You

Ever have that where you wake up in the middle of the night and glance around the room only to see your cat staring you down from just outside the doorway? Maybe your cat is more apt staring at you while you work or watch your favorite show. Either way, them staring at you, though admittedly creepy, is a true sign of affection. Even if they don't want to cuddle at that very moment, they still want to be in your presence and if mugging you down from across the room does it for them, so be it! Make a game out of it and try staring back and see who looks away first, I bet you'll lose.



5. Giving You The Rubs

By rubs, I mean walking over and rubbing their bodies against your legs and then turning around and doing it again until your black leggings are completely covered in cat hair (honestly, they probably are anyway). This is one of the most obvious signs of affection a cat can give and is basically their version of a hug. Combine body rubs with pressing their face against yours and you may just melt from all the loves. Best thing to do when your cat rubs on you this way is to just take a moment and give them the attention that they are most definitely craving at that moment. Giving them positive feedback to this behavior is a great way to make sure they feel comfortable with you and can also help them bond more deeply with you.


6. Nighttime Cuddles

Many cats may not want to show their affection for their hooman during the day, but nighttime is a whole other story. Our last, sure-fire way to tell if your cat loves you is if you wake up to kitty cuddles while you're sleeping. Our kitten, Adobe, is notorious for the nighttime kitty cuddles and we will wake up to her spooning our legs while she sleeps at the end of our bed. Many cats will lay right on your chest, side or legs and if you tend to wake up to the this behavior, you can rest assured that your kitty cat loves you very much and you make them feel safe at night.



Different cats have unique ways of showing their affection. Whether that be by giving you deep winks, following you around or just sleeping with you at night. The main thing to remember is that when you cat shows you a sign of affection, don't let that go unnoticed. Make sure to give them positive vibes back when they show you some loves and you're sure to continue growing the bond that you share. After all, there isn't much in this world better than kitty cuddles (and wine) after a long day.

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April 16, 2017

Our cat Thursday was a rescue. She remembers the days when she hunted for food. One way she shows love is by “killing” her cat nip toys and giving a war cry when they are dead—then she presents them to us. Another unusual way is by creating art pieces with found objects —mostly her giant collection of cat nip toys. The way she presents them is magical and we always compliment her on her artistry. She doesn’t like to sit on bare laps but if I put my lap top table on my lap , she’ll come sit on that. That’s when she wants pats and scratches. She’ll purr until she’s asleep. So cute. Honestly I could write a book about this interesting, fun cat and I’m actually thinking about it. Hoping to encourage others to tame and adopt outdoor cats. We have 6.

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