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5 Things To Know About Silver Vine

September 12, 2016

Many of us know about catnip and how much fun it can be for cats, but what many of us don't know is that catnip only has an effect on roughly 45% of cats. For those cat owners with a cat that doesn't get affected by traditional catnip, there are some other options for you. One of the more unique options here in the US is called Silver Vine.


What Is Silver Vine?

Silver Vine is a climbing vine plant that is indigenous to the mountains regions of eastern Asia. The plant produces off white flowers and, in certain times of the year, can even grow a fruit very similar to a Kiwi. The plant's dark green leaves have silver tips on the end and that's where the plant gets its name.


What does Silver Vine Do To My Cat?

Silver Vine has not one, but two active compounds that are attractive to our feline friends. Not to mention that the plant smells similar to sweet tea, which also is appealing to cats. Silver Vine affects cats similarly to how we would expect catnip to, a euphoric and relaxing sensation that cats enjoy thoroughly. Some common behaviors for cats who have used Silver Vine would include rolling around, meowing, purring, licking and face rubbing.


Is Silver Vine Safe For My Cat?

The answer to this question is a resounding, yes! Silver Vine can be sprinkled onto toys or around a play area, but should not be added to food or water as this may have a distracting affect on normal meal time behavior. Another great thing about Silver Vine is that, just like catnip, cats know when they have had enough and will lose interest in it for a while once they have had too much. Your cat will NOT overdose on Silver Vine, but the recommended amount of the pure silver vine powder is roughly half a gram (just a pinch is usually enough).


Is Silver Vine Better Than Catnip?

Studies have shown that, when compared side by side, cats do usually prefer the silver vine over normal catnip. This is thought to be because silver vine has two active ingredients that are attractive to cats, versus catnip which only has one active compound. A great way for your cat to get the best of both worlds is with a catnip and silver vine blend, which can be found in premium pet stores or from a few online brands like Katmint.


Can All Cats Use Silver Vine?

All cats are safe to use silver vine. However, just like with catnip, the affect on each cat will vary slightly. Some cats see a far more excited and fun reaction than others who may feel more mellow or not be affected much at all.



Silver vine is an awesome and safe alternative to traditional catnip. Though we know the effects it has on cats is completely safe in almost all cases, it is still recommended to check with your vet before giving your cat anything new whether is be catnip, valerian, silver vine or even a new food or vitamin. All in all, silver vine is a fantastic way to mix it up for your kitty and keep their play time fresh and exciting!


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