5 Healthy Herbs For Your Cat

August 31, 2016

Everyone knows that catnip is fun for cats, but did you know that there are a few other awesome herbals that work wonders for your feline friend? Herbal remedies can help cats with issues ranging from allergies and dry skin, to indigestion and laziness. Here are our top 5 herbal remedies for cats! 

1. Cat Thyme.

Cat Thyme is a slow growing herb that has somewhat similar effects as catnip. If you find that your cat doesn't have the normal reaction to catnip, cat thyme would be a great second option as it has similar calming effect that offers the animal a feeling of contentment and peacefulness. Only real drawback to cat thyme is its pungent odor that is similar to rotting plants.

2. Valerian.

Valerian is an interesting one because, for people, its a sedative and known to help humans get to sleep. However, for cats, it has the exact opposite properties and acts as a stimulant! Valerian is great for turning fat, lazy kitties into workout addicts. If your cat is struggling with weight or lack of activity, valerian is an excellent option. Check out our valerian root products here.

3. Licorice Root.

Licorice root not only tastes great to your kitty, but it's also healthy for them too! The root acts as a natural cortisone and can help your cat with a variety of issues such as itchy skin, allergies and even respiratory problems like colds. Licorice root has also been used to help treat indigestion in cats by soothing the mucus membranes in the stomach and intestinal tract.

4. Dandelion Root & Cat's Claw.

Both of these plants are healthy for your kitty. Like licorice root, dandelion root and cat's claw both act as a natural cortisone and work wonders for dry, itchy skin and allergies. Use them in a tincture and it's sure to sooth your cat's allergies and itchiness. Dandelion leaves is also a great substitute for a meal if your cat is struggling with weight. Make him or her a salad from the leaves as a healthy alternative to dry food here and there.

5. Catnip.

C'mon, of course catnip had to make the list of top 5 herbs for cats! Catnip is known for its calming effect on cats. It delivers a type of euphoric feeling for our feline friends that helps with stress and anxiety relief. If your cat is struggling with dry or itchy skink catnip can also be used to give a 'tea bath' that can help soothe damaged skin. Check out our most popular catnip option, Full Bud Catnip, here.


Though you should always consult with a veterinarian before using any herbal remedies for your cat, these options are great options for minor issues your kitty may be facing. Using these herbs can really help increase the quality of life for your cat and thus for you! After all, who doesn't want their cat to be happier and healthier?



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