4 Things To Know About Valerian Root

October 27, 2016

Most people know valerian root as an all-natural way for humans to relax and get to sleep. However, on cats valerian root has the exact opposite effect. The all-natural root acts as a stimulant and is almost like coffee for your kitty friend! Here are a few things any cat owner should know about Katmint™ Valerian Root.


1. Valerian Root Is Perfectly Safe For Your Cats.

Though naturally found mostly in India, valerian root can be grown in a variety of places. Katmint uses locally sourced and organically grown valerian root in our products. Grown in Washington State, our valerian is harvested and ground specifically for use by cats and is 100% safe. However, you can always check with your trusted vet before using it.


2. Valerian Root is Great for Over Weight or Lazy Kitties.

We recommend our using our valerian root blend if your cat tends to be lethargic or is over weight. This is because VR delivers a boost of all natural, kitten-like energy that can help your lazy cat get off the couch and play! In particular, sprinkle a bit of the blend or pure grounds onto their favorite scratcher or play area and watch them go crazy!


3. Valerian Root Smells... Bad.

Although valerian root is known to smell.. well, like old socks, we have taken steps to avoid any discomfort. Don't get it confused, the smell is not unbearable, but up close it absolutely smells like feet. Due to this, we have ground our VR in a manner that is not only perfect for your cat's play time, but also helps avoid the odor. We also have blended it with premium grade, locally grown catnip which naturally has a more sweet and pleasant smell. The blended mixture doesn't have nearly as unpleasant of an odor as pure root does, so you're welcome! ;)


4. Valerian Root Works On Cats Who Don't Normally Like Catnip.

Even if your cat normally doesn't react much to plain old catnip, our valerian root blend can still offer them some awesome stimulation. Realistically, only about 45% of all cats see a dramatic effect from catnip's active ingredient, which is thought to leave nearly 55% of cat SOL. Valerian Root can bring a euphoric sense of playfulness to cats who may not like normal catnip with can add a ton of stimulation and happiness to your cat's life!



Overall, valerian root is an excellent option for any cat! Even if they aren't lazy or over weight, most cats will enjoy having a sprinkle of valerian root from time to time! I mean, let's be honest, most of us can't get enough coffee so isn't it fair to treat our kitties to an energy boost every no and again? :)


Click here to check out our Valerian Root Blend or Pure Ground Valerian Root!

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