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3 Easy Ways to Catify Your Home

April 03, 2017

We all want our cats to be as happy and healthy as possible, that's why we get them their favorite treats, nutritious food and plenty of catnip toys! Now, have you ever stopped and thought about their actual environment? For many cat owners the answer is no, or at least not really. The thing is, for cats, environment is everything. They have instinctual needs for plenty of space to run around and be crazy, to climb and to 'hunt'. You may be asking yourself "how could I possible make my cats environment much better?" and that's a great question, so we have a few suggestions.

1. Give Them Their Own Space.

Cats need to feel like they have a space to escape to during a time of stress or just to relax, so it's a fantastic idea to create a space that your cat knows is 'theirs'. Whether that be a little house with towels or a sweater that smells like you or even just a cardboard box with some blankets in it. Cats love hiding places, so creating a safe place for your kitty is an easy and vital way to make sure they are as happy as possible! Another great option are cat caves, which give your furry companion a great and comfortable hiding place, while also looking stylish in your home, after all you do live there too! ;)

Cat Cave House

2. Think Vertically

This one is especially important if you have a multiple cat household. When cats are living in close proximity to each other, they need to feel like they can get away. Piggy backing off of the idea that cats need to have a space of their own, going vertical is an extremely effective way to create additional space for your feline friends.

Adding vertical space to your home doesn't have to mean going out and buying a huge 10 foot tall, $200 cat tree. There are many ways to economically add that much needed space for your kitty, such as getting a tall shelving unit, adding floating shelves to an open wall or simply placing a cat bed on top of a tall cupboard or entertainment center. Getting up to view their environment from a different perspective can give cats a sense of peace and calm, plus it gives them additional stimulation from their normal routine. If they're able to see out a window from their perch, that's even better. It doesn't get much more fun for a cat then watching the birds and squirrels run around outside!

Cat Wall Shelving Vertical Space

3. Consider Your Litter Box Situation

As humans, we sometimes don't take into consideration just how important placement of your litter box really is. Sometimes the most convenient place for the box, isn't always the best for fluffy. This issue is extremely important when it comes to multiple cat homes.

If you have more than one cat, one litter box will often not be enough. Cats are very territorial creatures and because of that, most cats do not like to use the same litter box as another animal. Now, if you're thinking that you can just add another box side by side and that will be fine, you may need to think again. The boxes should definitely be spread apart and ideally should be in different rooms. If that's not possible, then you may need to get a little creative to keep them spaced out, like putting one box under a desk or beside a piece of furniture. Misplacement of litter boxes can cause serious issues like peeing on furniture or worse, so make sure to take a step back to think about the placement of your box to ensure your kitty has a comfortable place to go to the bathroom. 

Litter Box with Scoop


Realistically, cats are pretty laid back creatures, but that doesn't mean that they don't notice the little things. Giving your cat a comfortable environment is a great way to make sure they are happy, healthy and not causing havoc in your house! Plus, the happier they are, the more cuddles you get, right? :)  There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to make a huge positive impact on your fur baby's quality of life.

girl with her cat loving cuddles


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