3 Reasons Your Cat Will Love The Fresh Air

August 29, 2016

Obviously, you can't just just open the door to your apartment or house and let your indoor cat run outside. However, there are some serious benefits to letting your cat get a taste of the great outdoors, as long as it's done in a safe way! Here are 3 reason why your cat will absolutely love it if and when you do.


1. It's In Their Nature.

The house cats we know today were gradually breed and evolved from their wild cat ancestors over millions of years, so even the most docile indoor kitty is bound to have the urge to get outside and explore from time to time. It's in their nature to stalk and chase smaller animals and even the sounds of the outdoors alone can be enough to get them all fired up and ready to hunt! Letting your indoor cat experience those sights and sounds can do a lot for their mental health by allowing them to express those natural instincts that they have!


2. They Can Get Bored Indoors.

Naturally, animals that are cooped up in a small space for long periods of time can struggle with boredom. Especially if their owners are at work for long hours during the day. Even though cats are very adaptable creatures that can handle being alone better then many other animals, they still battle boredom from lack of stimulus and that's when you run into issues with them destroying furniture and other household things. Allowing your cat to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoor safely and responsibly is an awesome way to bring some fresh stimuli back into their lives! Cats naturally love to just sit and listen to the smaller animals, birds, people and really anything that is going on around them. They are creatures that have tremendous awareness of their surroundings and because of that, giving them a taste of the hustle bustle can really do a  ton for their mental health and overall quality of life!


3. It's A Refreshing Change of Pace.

Have you ever had a weekend where you really don't leave the house? Maybe you're working from home and you get caught up, or you're home sick from work for a few days. Imagine the feeling you get when you finally walk outside take a deep breath that fresh, breezy air for the first time in 3 days. It's a great feeling, isn't it? Fresh air can have the same effect on many animals including cats. They get to stare out the window all day and pretend they're outside, but something about that fresh air is just so rejuvenating and refreshing. Plus, as before mentioned, the smells and sounds are something that really spark interest in hunters like cats. The stimulation of the warm sun, cool breeze and endless sights and sounds is enough to make, sometimes, even the laziest cat perk up with excitement.



Of course, it is important to remember to take extreme caution and care when allowing your cat outdoors. There are some really great resources for ways to let a little fresh air into your cats life. In fact, that is the exact reason why I started @KoopBrand in the first place. Allowing your cat to enjoy some fresh air can go a long way for their overall health and quality of life, so why wouldn't you?


-- After watching my cat stare out the window, craving the outdoors I decided it was time for someone to invent a safe way for curious cats, like mine, to safely experience the outdoors. After 8 months of prototyping and working on this invention, the Koop™ was born and we are excited to announce the consumer grade version will be available on Kickstarter this Fall! :)

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